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Microcredit for Development (MIDE) "The Chuspa" is a private non-profit organization based in Cusco and located in the southern highlands of Peru. It offers comprehensive financial and non-financial services to peasant women, who are generally excluded from obtaining credit and live in hard to reach areas.

Clients can freely use the credit. Most of them use the credit to boost agricultural activities such as: raising and selling small animals, trading agricultural products in local and other markets. To receive a loan each woman must be part of a Solidarity Group that supports her businesses and offers training opportunities.

“Over 80% of loans correspond to less than $500, which shows excellent depth of actions" (MICRORATE Assessment, 2009). "Depth of actions" means the delivery to market segments with minimal access to financial services and limited income
Non-financial services are aimed at strengthening the collaboration and personal development of clients. Through loans women create economic initiatives that raise their self-esteem and improve their position in the household and within society.
However, the subordination and discrimination suffered requires a capacity-building program with a gender perspective. MIDE acts in this dimension, with an empowerment scheme that leads to active citizenship. (Linda Mayoux 2002).

The number of beneficiaries was 7.471 in 2009 (97% women) and of these 6.708 were trained that year.

MIDE works in a social context that shows extreme contrasts. Peru is a country which is experiencing phenomenal growth at the macro level, and at the same time maintaining low living standards for most people.
Thus, while the richest 10% of the population controls the 34% of the national income, the poorest 40% only have 15%. The Peruvian sierra, where MIDE works, is the most serious case. Between 2006 and 2010 the population has experienced an economic downturn such that the number of people recorded poor in the region has increased from 40% to 46%.

The MIDE association, funded in 1999, is registered in Peru No 2642.